About Me

About Me

Dubai isn't just my city, it's my story. Born and raised here, I've witnessed its incredible transformation firsthand. And let me tell you, the real estate scene has seen its share of ups and downs – including the 2009 market collapse.

That experience shaped me. Now, with over 18 years in the industry, I'm not just your realtor, I'm your guide. I won't let you repeat the mistakes we all made. Instead, we'll focus on high-demand properties, prime locations, and top-tier developers.

Remember, I'm not here for a quick sale. My success is measured by your success. That's why I take the time to understand your goals, assess your risk tolerance, and curate a personalized investment strategy.

Speaking of experience, I also spent some time as a licensed realtor in Vancouver, BC. This broadened my perspective and honed my skills in market analysis and negotiation. Now, I'm back in Dubai, leveraging my local knowledge and global insights to help you unlock the city's true potential.

Investing in Dubai shouldn't be a gamble. Let me be your trusted advisor, your local friend, and your partner in building a secure and prosperous future.

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