A desert safari is the quintessential Dubai experience, but with countless options, how do you pick the one that's right for you? There are many things to consider. 

1. Adventure or Atmosphere?

Adrenaline Seeker: Look for safaris with extensive dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking time. Check if these activities are included in the base price or cost extra.

Culture Connoisseur: Opt for safaris that emphasize Bedouin traditions like camel rides, henna art, and authentic dining under the stars. 

2.  Tour Style & Size: Your Ideal Vibe

Private Affair: For intimacy or a special occasion, a private safari with a dedicated guide and vehicle offers exclusivity but comes at a higher cost.

Entertainment Enthusiast: Safaris often include live shows like belly dancing, Tanoura dances, or fire shows – check the lineup to ensure it matches your taste.

3. Insider Tips

Time of Day: Sunset safaris are the best. Dont go for overnight or day safaris.

What to Wear: Loose, breathable clothing is key. Sunglasses, cap or a scarf can protect from sand and sun. Temperatures drop at night, so bring a layer.

Voucher/Pass: Your recent Emirates boarding passes might get you a discount

Health: If you have nausea or are pregnant, it is better to avoid this activity, and if you decide you need this, make sure to tell the driver not to drive rough, and there is a flat path on the sides which leads straight to the campsite.

4. The Verdict

I remember since I was in school, whoever visited us wanted to go for a desert safari experience. And we always used Arabian Adventures Desert Safari, one of Dubai's most established tour operators. It is by the famous Emirates Airlines group and yes the pricing is high, but you get what you pay for. And again, we recently had visitors in February 2024, and we went with Arabian Adventures again. Now I am sure there are new companies who might be equally good or even better. But like they say, tried and tested in the best. So that is why we always go with Arabian Adventures.

Coming up: I will be doing more lifestyle blogs, like restaurant recommendation and reviews, and not just Dubai Real Estate blogs.

Which Dubai Desert Safari is the best?